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EXA Group Canada researched potential clients and managed telephone, email and correspondence communication with different stakeholders in Nova Scotia.

Communication with Ataraxy Farm was through a phone call between Barbara Camargo (co-founder of EXA Group Canada) and Kim Davis (owner of Ataraxy Farm). We offer a free technical visit through the 10-Year Countdown program and deliver the technical report as a result. This report supported the Ataraxy farm's fundraising with CBDC Blue Water.

With the fundraising approved, the Ataraxy farm hired the services of EXA Group Canada to structure Kim Davis' innovative ideas in the development of tourism as an added value to agriculture, to positively impact the economy and the opportunities offered by the Eastern Shore region of Nova Scotia.

We developed the business plan with the economic interaction between tourism and agriculture to create authentic tourism experiences, develop green technology, and grow goat milk manufacturing for other products and services. We carried out the feasibility study and directed three different scenarios involving the measured risks and incidents.


Ataraxy Farm was established in 2013. Kim and Blair Davis built the farm in 4 months to find a holistic environment for treating PTSD Blair, a Bosnian war veteran. The couple's love is visible in work carried out on the farm and in the incredible harmony of the environment. Love created the Ataraxy farm; since then, it has been thriving with the expected results and impacting the communities and people the farm serves.
Kim handcrafts body care products using goats' milk. In 2021 the farm opened its doors to tourists, and in 2022, many things happened, such as the construction of the chicken coop, the expansion of the animal barn, the building of the deck and the start of goat yoga classes, the kid's summer camp and the parties of children's birthdays.

With the release of the license to build the micro-dairy, the Ataraxy farm will soon start producing cheese, sweets and an alcoholic drink based on whey (a natural waste from milk manufacturing). The micro-dairy will have a commercial kitchen set up in a large area for workshops to teach about agricultural production and the production of dairy products and other manufactured products.

The idea is to install biodigesters in the future to receive the manure of small animal producers in the region, optimizing the energy efficiency of micro-dairy. The project foresees the installation of solar power plants and aims to reach net-zero carbon in 2035, adapting to future strategies and technologies.

The Ataraxy farm is soon planning to build sustainable accommodations for glamping and stargazing on the farm and a covered event area to host up to 50 guests. Painting and gastronomy events will be held weekly, in addition to courses and mentoring focused on mental health.

Sustainable Calmness Wave was the name EXA Group Canada gave to the project to expand and develop tourism at the Ataraxy farm. This project drove the developmental research for our work on the Eastern Shore, Nova Scotia.