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In December 2020, EXA Group Canada was born to help the tourism industry develop risk management strategies for the sector's economic recovery.

For risk management to be effective, the founders of the startup knew that awareness and knowledge would be essential to awaken critical thinking in tourism professionals and tourists who were impacted by the contingency restrictions of the proliferation of Covid-19.

With that came the idea of creating free and authentic experiences of tourism, sustainability, community-based economy and rural development—the 10-Year Countdown Program.

Based on the premise of rescuing the social function of tourism, the 10-Year Countdown program was responsible for creating the ContaTour podcast, the Rural Tourism e-Classes and the EXART Exhibition. Programs that, since 2020, bring knowledge, teaching, awareness, technology, culture and art to people worldwide looking for holistic solutions for mental health and quality information for sustainable tourism development in their communities and businesses.

In 2020 and 2021, the program helped small farms in Ontario and Nova Scotia to understand how tourism can add value to the residual economy of agricultural activities, carrying out technical visits and generating a free technical report. All these activities were financed with the founders' resources, approximately $20,000.00 (twenty thousand dollars), between December 2020 and December 2022.

Through the 10-Year Countdown program, the Ataraxy farm negotiated resources with the CBDC Blue Water to develop the Sustainable Calmness Wave project, financed after the program's free attendance. This project gave rise to Strong Farm Destinations in Canada.

The 10-Year Countdown program also funded the Eastern Shore Research and Development project, created, planned and executed by EXA Group Canada in partnership with TP Photography & Videography from June to September 2022. Another investment of approximately $20,000.00 (twenty thousand dollars) was financed with the founders' resources for developing statistics and integration projects between local businesses to raise residents' attention to sustainability trends and a community-based economy.

Since the beginning of the 10-Year Countdown program with the birth of the startup, EXA Group Canada has already invested almost $40,000.00 (forty thousand dollars) as a way to contribute to rural communities in Canada and the development of authentic tourism experiences using technology as holistic support for people's mental health.

EXA Group Canada conducted technical visits to develop technical reports in 5 farms. The startup also conducted technical visits in more than 50 rural communities to visualize the scenario and environmental, cultural, socioeconomic, logistics, transport, tourism signage, infrastructure and superstructure issues.


We performed aerial mapping with drone photos managed by a mechanical engineer in different regions of Halifax, Eastern Shore and Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia to observe investment opportunities. We create and present networking events bringing together some of Nova Scotia's leading economic development agencies in the EXA Group Canada Conference Room. We presented to the local government the concerns of the consulted people and those who participated in the field surveys promoted by the founders and partners.

Do you want to know more about the 10-Year Countdown and find out how you can help EXA Group Canada to continue the social function of tourism with the actions of the program? Fill in the form and register on our website.

10 Year Countdown Program

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